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We understand that it has become quite difficult to get one on one service in person but we want to change that by providing free beauty consultations virtually!


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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I recently started using their skin products and have found them to be amazing. I really feel a difference on my skin and would highly recommend them. The cosmetics are great too!"


"Love their products! I use their liquid cover up, matte crush pencil and mascara on a daily basis and I find they're really light (doesn't feel heavy on my face) and works well with my skin tone. I've started using their skin care products too, as I'm getting older and worried about aging skin and I really like their Age is Only a Number Elixir. Would highly recommend their products!"


"OMG, this is the BEST PRODUCT EVERRRR!!! I have never been able to find a concealer that hides the dark circles under my eye. At Vasanti i only need to use one product to do the job. This product is amazing. It blends well, applies great and feels unbelievable. The products just melts into my skin giving me that air brush finish. I LOVE VASANTI :-)"


What do one-on-one consultations entail? 

Advice on Products

Ever wondered what eye makeup, lipstick, blush colour etc. looks best on you? Or what skincare is best for your ever-changing skin? Our Skincare & Beauty Expert will provide in depth product knowledge and help you chose makeup and skincare best for you! 

Artistry Tips & Tricks

Ever wondered how to apply on liquid eyeliner, contour, cover dark circles etc.? We will teach you easy to do artistry techniques to help you achieve the pro look you desire! 

No Judgement, ALL Love 

Our one-on-one consultations are a judgment free zone, please feel free to ask any and all questions pertaining to beauty and skincare. There is no such thing as a silly question, your questions matters to us. We’re here to answer them with joy! 

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