Will the elixir hydrate?

Although most elixir’s do not provide hydrating properties. The Age is Only A Number has an ingredient called Hynaify which boosts hyaluronic acid production meaning it will help hydrate your skin! Also formulated with Hyaluronic filling spheres, holds 10X the water weight that your skin naturally can to provide the best hydration for your skin.


At what age should I use Age Is Only A Number Elixir?

At around 20 years old the production of collagen and elastin begins to decline which means loss of elasticity and firmness. This change happens in the dermis first, as we age and our skin thins the damage begins to show on the surface. Starting in your early 20’s will help prevent aging.


Whats the appropriate method of using an elixir/serum?

Shake the elixir well to activate, pump product into finger tips and smooth over entire face and neck.


Why is it called an elixir?

It’s a combination of natural oils and elixir. The Age is Only a Number combines oils such as pomegranate seed oil. Organic aloe oil, organ oil alongside the properties of serum.


Why use an oil in a serum?

Oilier skin naturally ages better. Hence why,  adding oils into the formula provides anti-aging benefits or all skin types. You can never go wrong with oils that are nourishing for your skin.


Will the oils in it clog my pores?

No! The oils used in formula do not clog pores! No Mineral Oils are used.


When is the best time to use it?

Nighttime, apply liberally, create a layer. As you sleep skin regenerates itself, and repairs damage hence the term “beauty sleep”so all the help you can give your skin as you sleep the better.  WAKE UP WITH GLOWING, PLUMP SKIN!